Leading Edge Dental Technology for Knoxville Patients 

At Family Dentistry of Knoxville, Dr. Jason Phillips and his dental team want the best for you and your smile. Dr. Phillips continually invests in the latest in dental advancements so that he can be sure to bring the very best to patients. Whether you are having dental work done, are in for a cleaning, getting a gum evaluation or a TMJ assessment, Dr. Phillips and his team strive to make the environment comfortable and relaxing and to use minimally invasive techniques wherever possible. Leveraging 21st century dental technology often makes this possible. Read on for some of the areas of dental technology we’ve invested in and learn how they can benefit you:

Intraoral Cameras 

Cameras give Dr. Philips and his team a perfect view of the inside of your mouth for investigating cavities, gums, dental work repair areas, and more. They also give the patient a full view of what the dentist sees.

Digital Dental X-Rays 

While traditional x-rays have always been considered safe, digital x-rays offer you even more peace of mind because they emit about 80% less radiation than their traditional counterpart. Digital x-rays are also fast, environmentally friendly, and highly accurate.

Digital Panorex

This dental equipment gives a 2D view of your mouth, helping Dr. Phillips assess TMJ, jaw bone density, as well as for oral health areas like cysts and tumors.

Digital Photography and Diagnostic Wax Ups 

We can show you models of potential treatments and specific therapies as well as use digital photography for before and after photos of dental work.

A Comfortable Knoxville Dental Office

In addition to using the latest in proven dental technologies and techniques to help you get or keep the best smile possible, we also strive to make every visit comfortable and relaxing, too. We offer in-office Wi-Fi as well as televisions at every dental chair so that whether it’s you or one of your children in the dental chair, you can relax and let us help you with your beautiful smile.

 Call Family Dentistry of Knoxville at (865) 686-6423 for your dental consultation. Whether you want general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or have a dental emergency Dr. Phillips would be pleased to meet with you. 

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