The Importance of Keeping Your Gums Healthy

Our Knoxville dental office wants to help you with proactive dental health wherever possible and that’s one of the reasons why Dr. Jason A. Phillips and his dental team assess gum health at your check-ups. Gum disease / periodontal disease is a very serious issue. It can cost you your teeth as well as create a plethora of other problems related to your teeth and to your overall health, too. Other than prevention, the best approach to gum disease is to treat it as early as possible. Early intervention could mean that Dr. Phillips treats gingivitis and prevents periodontitis.

Gum Disease Systemic Links

About 2/3 or more of the population have some degree of gum disease. By ignoring signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums, gum soreness, receding gums, and sores on the gums, you could put your teeth as well as your health at risk. Systemic links include: heart disease, stroke, some cancers, pregnancy complications, ulcers, respiratory infections, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Whether you have any of the aforementioned conditions or are at risk for them, there is a strong link between them and gum disease. Neglecting gums could exacerbate an existing condition, it could up your chances of other diseases and conditions, and, of course, there’s the fact that the active infection in your mouth continually puts stress on your immune system. Gum disease is an ongoing infection in the mouth. It enters the blood stream continually and the list of associated problems is lengthy.

The following systemic links have been established:

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