Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy: A Dangerous Combo

Do your gums occasionally bleed? If you have periodontal disease during pregnancy, it’s something that could put you at risk for premature delivery. Of course moms want to do anything they can to avoid baby coming before he or she is ready. A trip to the dentist before you become pregnant could help. And if you don’t have that opportunity but do notice bleeding gums or other problems with oral health while pregnant, it’s important to get immediate assistance.

Pre-Conception Dental Check-up Benefits

Pre-conception planning should include dental care, particularly a gum disease assessment. Dr. Jason A. Phillips of Family Dentistry of Knoxville is taking on new patients. It’s wise to get a full checkup before becoming pregnant and a gum assessment and dental cleaning can be a good approach to minimize the risk of dental problems putting your pregnancy at risk. But if you’re already pregnant, it could also be helpful to see Dr. Phillips. Dealing with potential problems, such as pregnancy gingivitis can help you reduce the chances of oral health complications putting your pregnancy at risk.

Bleeding gums, loosening teeth, a toothache, or any other oral problems may be easily dealt with despite pregnancy. If you have a dental emergency and are pregnant, please don’t hesitate to call us for advice.

Pregnancy and Gum Disease Risks

Gum disease means an ongoing infection in the body. This puts stress on your health in a variety of ways and that ongoing bacteria entering your bloodstream certainly isn’t good for your unborn baby. In addition to pregnancy risks, such as early labor, gum disease puts more than just your smile in jeopardy. It’s also linked to bone density problems, ulcers, and respiratory infections, elevated risks for cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, strokes, and diabetes. People of all ages, whether pregnant or not benefit from good gum care.

Book an Appointment at Family Dentistry of Knoxville

If you have an opportunity for a pre-conception dental appointment, this will benefit your smile greatly. You’ll get an opportunity to deal with any oral health issues as well as get a thorough cleaning and gum assessment. If you are already pregnant and need to see a dentist in Knoxville, let us know about your pregnancy when you make an appointment. Our team offers a comfortable and relaxing environment and we can take steps to maximize your appointment without further pregnancy risks.

Call our Knoxville dental office at (865) 686-6423 for an appointment. We are taking on new patients of all ages and are also happy to see your little one when he or she is ready to start going to the dentist.

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