Got Chronic Respiratory Problems? Get Your Gums Checked

About 80% of people in the USA have gum disease. About 8 out of 10 people in Knoxville need gum disease treatment. But many aren’t doing anything about it. It’s not just putting your smile at risk. Beyond tooth loss, there can be a plethora of consequences of poor oral health. Medical research shows a strong connection between respiratory infections and periodontal disease. Periodontal bacteria are continually inhaled as well as enter the bloodstream and this could be putting your lungs in harm’s way. Your cardiovascular health could be in danger, particularly if gum disease is advanced. Dr. Jason A. Phillips is a Knoxville dentist with a team that can help. A gum assessment can rule out or diagnose gum disease and periodontal treatments and maintenance are available to get gum disease under control. If caught early enough, it can even be reversed.

Systemic Links of Gum Disease

If you have COPD and / or ongoing problems with pneumonia, taking good care of your gums can make a difference. Conversely, if gum disease is left untreated, constant respiratory infections, problems with bone density, blood sugar, and other problems can persist. There’s also the most common side effect of gum disease to worry about: tooth loss. Foul odor and taste in the mouth as well as gum discomfort will also plague those who don’t seek treatment. And beyond respiratory infections, other systemic links to worry about include blood, kidney, and pancreas cancer as well as cardiovascular disease, elevated stroke risk, and ulcers.

The earlier gum disease is stopped, the better. Avoiding gum disease is the preference but if it has already begun, the sooner you deal with it, the better your chances of stopping it in its tracks.

Family Dentistry of Knoxville: Gum Disease Assessments, Prevention, and Treatment Options

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