Stop TMJ Pain with Help from Family Dentistry of Knoxville

Temporomandibular joint disorder, often referred to as TMJ or TMD is painful and when it flares up, it can make life difficult. If you suffer from TMJ symptoms, there is help available. Talk to Dr. Jason A. Phillips at Family Dentistry of Knoxville about your TMJ as well as treatment options.

TMJ Pain and Symptoms

Your temporomandibular joint is subjected to a lot of movement and stress and strain. Eating, chewing, talking, and clenching can all contribute to a TMJ flare-up. Trauma to the jaw, problems with your bite, and / or jaw clenching can all contribute to TMJ disorder and associated symptoms and when you’re under stress it’s often worse. Symptoms can include clicking of the jaw, jaw pain, jaw swelling, ear pain, radiating pain throughout the face, headaches, strain in the neck, shoulders, and back, and more. It often becomes a vicious circle because stress can cause clenching and clenching leads to a TMJ flare-up. That pain leads to more clenching and tension, which leads to more symptoms. You don’t have to live with it; TMJ help is available from Family Dentistry of Knoxville.

Treatment for TMJ in Knoxville

Dr. Phillips can help with a variety of TMJ treatment options, depending on the cause of the symptoms. In some cases, dental work improves the jaw’s position. Exercises, anti-inflammatory medication, and other treatments can also be helpful. Some patients benefit from a customized splint or mouth guard worn at night that keeps your jaw in a more optimal position and avoids clenching and grinding.

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