Lower Your H.Pylori and Ulcer Risk with Periodontal Disease Prevention

A variety of gum disease risk factors exist, including diabetes, heredity, lifestyle choices, and more. Did you know that gum disease also raises your risk of ulcers and of h.pylori bacteria? Knoxville, TN dentist Dr. Jason A. Philips believes strongly in the mouth-body connection. Evidence is increasingly pointing to the fact that by being proactive about oral health you won’t just be protecting your smile from tooth decay and tooth loss. You’ll also be protecting your health from the many systemic links associated with gum disease. Ulcers, h.pylori bacteria (which can lead to stomach cancer), heart disease, stroke, and other problems all have strong links to untreated gum disease.

If you have signs of ulcers or h.pylori and have not had a recent gum disease evaluation, give Dr. Phillips’ office a call.

Other Gum Disease Systemic Links

What’s the connection between gums and all the above diseases and conditions? Ongoing oral bacteria in gum pockets doesn’t just stay there and destroy the teeth. It also leeches into the bloodstream, impacting your organs and your immune system. Pregnant women, people with diabetes, and those with stomach ulcers all need to consider the impact of gum neglect. And those with risk factors for heart disease and stroke should also pay extra special attention to their gums.

Gingivitis doesn’t necessarily mean that you have gum disease but neglecting bleeding gums and other symptoms could result in periodontal disease and associated problems.

Knoxville Dentists Help Reduce Risks of Periodontal Disease

Reduce your risk of health problems associated with poor gum health. Book a check-up with Dr. Phillips and his Knoxville dental team and be sure to provide comprehensive medical information on your new patient forms so that any other health conditions can be kept in mind as Dr. Phillips assesses your gum health and plans for treatment options.

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