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We are still open and are diligent in our infection control procedures! In addition to the standard CDC infection control protocols, we have increased cleaning and disinfection in the common areas of our office.

Knoxville Dentistry

General & Preventative Dentistry for the Whole Family

At Family Dentistry of Knoxville, Dr. Jason A. Phillips and his dental team believe wholeheartedly in preventative dentistry wherever possible. Take good care of your smile and it can last you a lifetime. We not only help you keep your smile looking beautiful, but we can also help you restore your smile.

To learn more, please contact our dental office today. We would be more than happy to answer all your questions about our dental services and how we can help you!

Importance of Dental Check-Ups

Check-ups can help us discover small problems before they become bigger problems. We treat patients of all ages, aiming for a positive and stress-free experience at the dentist’s office.

Do You Need Teeth Cleanings?

Dental cleanings can keep your teeth looking great. And if you’re not happy with the look of your teeth after a cleaning, you can talk to us about teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Providing Sealants & Fluoride Treatments

Sealants are great for kids. This can help protect deep molar grooves from being susceptible to cavities. Sealants are a clear coating that’s bio-friendly. We also offer fluoride treatments to protect teeth of patients of all ages.

Our TMJ Treatment

TMJ assessments and treatments are available to stop TMJ pain from invading your life. If you have TMJ symptoms such as jaw clicking, radiating ear pain, headaches, neck and upper back pain, ringing in the ears, and jaw locking, talk to us about TMJ treatment options that can help you stop TMJ pain from impacting your life.

Effective Solutions for Bruxism

Teeth grinding can damage your teeth as well as annoy your spouse. We can help with customized mouth guards that can stop you from grinding your teeth at night.

Athletic Mouthguards

Athletic mouthguards are also available and these customized mouth guards offer advanced protection for the mouth during sports, especially when compared to generic mouth guards.

Gum Assessments & Periodontal Treatments

The health of your gums is directly connected to your overall health. It can also impact a variety of other health areas with increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stroke, certain cancers, and more. Gum disease prevention is important. If you have signs of periodontal disease, we can help you with treatment options.

Fillings & Tooth Extractions

Whether you need a filling or wisdom teeth extracted, Dr. Phillips can help. We use the latest in dental technology, such as digital x-rays, to help make every check-up as well as every treatment as pain-free and stress-free as possible. And if you think you need to have a tooth pulled that isn’t a wisdom tooth, we’d be happy to help you look at alternatives to a tooth extraction.

Root Canals & Endodontics

Root canals can save a tooth. We offer gentle dentistry for root canals as well as dental crowns afterward to help protect your preserved tooth.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Jason A. Phillips is very well-versed in oral surgery areas for general and preventative dentistry. In addition, we can help with other areas, too, such as cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.

Choose Family Dentistry of Knoxville

Dr. Jason A. Phillips and his Knoxville dental team care about you and your family. We see patients of all ages and whether it’s general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, or restorative dentistry that you need help with, we would be happy to meet with you. We offer dental financing, a gentle environment with the latest in dental technology, and we care about your smile.

Call the team at Family Dentistry of Knoxville at (865) 383-1017 to book your appointment today.

What Makes Us Special?

  • Advanced Technology

    Using the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment for outstanding dental care.

  • Financing Available

    We also offer dental financing affordable monthly payments using our convenient financing plans.

  • Comfortable Care

    We take a minimally invasive approach to make sure you and your loved ones are comfortable.

  • Over a Decade of Experience

    Our dentist and skilled team of oral care experts care about your comfort and overall health.