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Knoxville Root Canal Therapy

Eliminate Pain & Save Your Tooth

Although root canal strikes fear in the hearts of many patients, the procedure will actually relieve your pain, eliminate infected tissue, and save the tooth. At Family Dentistry of Knoxville, Dr. Jason A. Phillips provides root canals in Knoxville to alleviate your pain and preserve your natural tooth. Because we know that root canal procedures make many of our patients anxious, we strive to provide a stress-free environment such as providing movies that you can watch on the TVs in the operatories or earphones to drown out the sounds of our tools. Our talented dentist is also reassuring and highly skilled in the field. Dr. Jason A. Phillips can make sure your root canal procedure will go smoothly with little to no pain at all.

Contact our office at (865) 383-1017 to schedule an appointment to learn more about root canal and our other dental treatments and procedures.

When Root Canal Is Needed

Root canal may be needed when inflammation and infection reach the center of the tooth, known as the dentin. In typical cavities, decay has only affected the surface layers of the tooth. The decayed material is removed and a filling is used. However, when the decay is not treated, it continues to infect the tooth, eventually reaching the pulp. When this happens, a root canal becomes necessary.

Signs that a root canal may be needed include:

  • Pain
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Swelling of the surrounding tissues
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Pain or tenderness when chewing or touching the affected tooth

The root canal procedure begins with a local anesthetic to reduce pain. An opening is made in the tooth and small, specialized instruments are used to clean the pulp and infected tissue from inside the tooth and root canals. Once all the infected tissue has been removed, the space is cleaned, filled, and sealed with an adhesive cement.

Dental Care Following Treatment

While root canals in Knoxville work to remove infected and inflamed tissue, this procedure alone may not fully protect the tooth. Often, the tooth will be more susceptible to cracking and breaking after a root canal. For this reason, it may be necessary to cover the tooth with a crown to restore it to full function. Dr. Jason A. Phillips can recommend the best way to care for your tooth after root canal therapy.

If you have any of the signs that a root canal may be needed, we encourage you to contact us at (865) 383-1017 to schedule an appointment.

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