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Knoxville, TN Dentist Offers Gum Disease Treatment for Diabetics

Gum disease and diabetes have a destructive relationship. In the case of Type 1 Diabetes, one worsens the other. In the case of Type 2 Diabetes, the same is true as well and the presence of Type 2 Diabetes can up your risk for gum disease and the associated systemic links. Knoxville, TN dentist Dr. Jason A. Phillips offers gum disease maintenance for diabetics with periodontal disease. He also offers gum disease assessments to help those with Diabetes reduce their risk of gum disease. Whether you have diabetes and gum disease or simply want to prevent both, vigilance with gum care is essential.


Gum Disease and Blood Sugar Levels

For diabetics, gum disease can make it difficult to control your blood sugar. The reverse is also true. Blood sugar issues can make you more susceptible to gum disease and once you have it, lack of adequate diabetes maintenance could make the bacteria levels in your mouth escalate.

Those with diabetes (type one or type two) need to make gum maintenance a priority. By telling your Knoxville family dentist that you have Diabetes, extra care will be applied to ensuring that your oral health doesn’t make it more difficult to manage blood sugar levels.

Other Systemic Links

Knoxville residents should also be aware that beyond associated complications with blood sugar there are other gum disease systemic links to be aware of as well. Pregnant women with gum disease have an added risk of premature delivery. Heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers also have an elevated risk for someone with gum disease. It is related to chronic respiratory infections, ulcers, and bone density. Your gum health is directly related to keeping your smile healthy and to keeping the rest of you healthy, too.

Choose Family Dentistry of Knoxville for Periodontal Assessments and Treatment

Dr. Jason A. Phillips and the Knoxville dental team are adept at gum assessments, at gum disease treatment, and at helping you keep your smile bright and healthy. Make an appointment with Dr. Phillips today if you have Diabetes or if you simply want to ensure your gums are healthy. In addition to gum disease treatment, Dr. Phillips specializes in a variety of dentistry areas, including family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, TMJ treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and more.

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