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Heart Disease

Your Gum Health Could Harm Your Heart

If you aren’t taking great care of your gums, you could be putting your heart’s health at risk. Did you know that cardiovascular disease risk is highly elevated in the presence of periodontal disease? If you have bleeding gums, gum sores, or have noticed major changes in your mouth, it’s vitally important to make an appointment with your dentist. Knoxville dentist Dr. Jason A. Phillips of Family Dentistry Knoxville is taking on new patients. He can help you with all your dental needs including periodontal health. With all the systemic links to gum disease, gum neglect could be as bad for your heart as the lifestyle choices you make.

Too many people neglect oral health without realizing the far-reaching impact of it. Beyond putting yourself at risk for tooth loss you put your whole health at risk.

Doctor Checking Heart

Don’t Stress Your Heart Out with Gum Disease

Has your doctor talked to you about your heart health and risk factors? Or, have you had a heart attack and want to eliminate factors that increase your risk for further cardiovascular complications? There’s a definitive link between periodontal health and the heart. Advanced gum disease could be putting a tremendous amount of strain on your cardiovascular system as well as your body’s immune system. Periodontitis is an ongoing active bacterial infection that is absorbed back into the body, putting a tremendous stress load on the body. The longer it’s neglected the more damage it can do.

Dr. Jason A. Phillips: Knoxville Dentist Offering Gum Disease Treatments

The earlier Dr. Phillips catches gum disease, the better the chances of stopping this disease from progressing. About 80% of people in Knoxville have some form of periodontal disease. If you have had heart problems or have other risk factors you can eliminate gum disease from making your risk levels for a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, several cancers, and other health problems worse. In addition to gum disease assessments and treatment, Dr. Phillips can help with a variety of preventative dentistry, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry areas.

If you need help keeping your smile bright and/or restoring it to its former glory, contact Dr. Phillips for a consultation. Call our office today at (865) 383-1017.

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