New Technology in our Dental Practice

Over the last several years, we have continued to try to keep up with the latest technology in dentistry. I never want to be the first office to have something because many times with a new technology, some of the kinks need to be worked out first. We have brought in digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, a different type of oral cancer screening device along with up-to-date and progressive dental equipment. We have now added an intraoral scanner for our practice. This new digital scanner is top of the line and will eliminate the need for impressions in most instances on crowns, bridges and other procedures. This will make our “impressions” much easier on our patients for crowns, bridges and other procedures because the scanner is a scanner that goes in the patient’s mouth and captures digital images of the entire dentition/teeth and how they fit together so there is no need for the traditional impression material. It is an amazing new technology!

I have researched these devices for a long time looking to see what’s best for patients as well as us, and I have finally come up with one that takes amazing images, is not messy, has regular software updates, not too bulky, don’t have to apply powder to the teeth and can be used in most cases. We are starting to use our Trios Digital Scanner now at our office. I like to invest in technology whenever it makes our work even better and is easier and better for the patients.

We will not completely go away from using impressions because we still need impressions for certain procedures, but in many cases, instead of making a final impression for crowns and bridges, we will be able to use our digital scanner. This will speed up our return time on crowns so our patients will not have to have temporary crowns on as long. It will give us and our lab a more accurate and precise impression, less “goop” in our patients’ mouths, and less time getting the images.

The 3Shape Trios Digital Scanner is top of the line for scanners. I have researched national publications, spoken to colleagues across the country, talked with labs about what they see to give the best outcome and this is the #1 scanner that everyone has pointed to. I am very excited to have this technology in our office, and I look forward to making our “digital impressions” as easy and quick for our patients as possible.