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Signs That Indicate You Need a Root Canal

Figuring out if you need a root canal is not exactly something you can do on your own without visiting an experienced dentist, especially if you want to catch it within its early stages. Generally, you will not begin to experience any noticeable physical symptoms until your dental problem has progressed into something more advanced and in greater need of treatment. That is why regular dental check-ups are so vital to the overall health of your smile. Without regular visits, you might not realize you have a problem until you begin experiencing pain.

Common signs that you need a root canal:

  • You are experiencing constant pain: Pain is one of the biggest signs that something is amiss, so if you are unable to eat or drink without experiencing pain, you should not hesitate to schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Generally, pain indicates that something might be wrong with tooth’s root, so your dentist will examine it to check for inflammation or infection within the root. Antibiotics will never fix the tooth to the point it will not need a root canal, but may improve symptoms until you can get in to have your root canal completed. The only solution to an infected tooth is to remove the source of the problem. This is what the root canal does.
  • Your tooth is cracked or chipped: Whether you chipped your teeth biting into hard foods or playing a contact sport, this sort of damage can expose nerves beneath the surface of your tooth, resulting in an infection. If left untreated, a root canal will be necessary to prevent the infection from worsening and producing additional pain.
  • Swollen gums: If your gums are swollen, this is another sign that something is going wrong beneath the surface. In some cases, a root canal is necessary to resolve inflamed gums that do not respond to any other treatment.
  • Deep tooth decay: Flossing, brushing, and mouth wash cannot solve your problems once tooth decay gets into the nerve of your tooth. In such cases, a root canal is necessary. Practice good dental hygiene habits and schedule regular dental visits to prevent serious problems from developing.
  • Sensitive teeth: If it hurts to put pressure on your tooth and the sensitivity remains for weeks or even months, this could indicate damage to the root, which cannot heal on its own. To address the problem, you will likely need a root canal.

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