Knoxville Dentist Can Help You Reduce Cancer Risk Associated with Periodontal Disease

Is the health of your gums putting you at risk for cancer? We’re not talking oral cancer, which is deadly enough. Periodontal disease could put you at risk for pancreatic, kidney, blood, and other Cancers. Knoxville family dentist Dr. Jason A. Phillips provides gum disease assessments as well as periodontal treatments to help you keep your teeth, keep healthier gums, and reduce your risk of periodontal disease systemic links like Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, and more.


Do I Have Signs of Gum Disease?

Do you have gum disease? If you have gum sensitivity, bleeding gums, or discolorations, these are signs you need a periodontal assessment. Family Dentistry of Knoxville assesses gum health at every preventative dentistry appointment. If you have signs of gum disease or haven’t seen a dentist in a long time, Dr. Phillips and his team would be happy to help you rule out gum disease and/or discuss treatment options to help prevent tooth loss as well as the plethora of systemic diseases that are getting increasingly linked to poor gum health.

How Does Gum Disease Boost Cancer Risk?

Having gum disease equates to an ongoing infection. Not only does this impact your immune system, which has to continually fight bacteria in the bloodstream. Increasing evidence points to a correlation between several Cancers and the instance of periodontal disease. The mouth-body connection is strong. A healthy mouth compared to an unhealthy one translates to increased risk of several diseases and health problems.

Treatment for Gum Disease in Knoxville

Whether you have signs of gum disease or simply want to ensure that you are being proactive about your oral and overall health, Dr. Jason A. Phillips and his Knoxville dental team would be pleased to help. If you do have early stage periodontal disease, there is a good chance progression can be halted with the right approach and gum disease treatment. Whether gum disease is advanced or early stage your best bet is to seek out treatment. Deep cleanings, such as scaling and root planing could make a marked difference in your ability to stop gum disease from causing tooth loss as well as stopping it from impacting other areas of your health, as well.

If you are already at increased risk for Cancer and have signs of poor gum health, it’s imperative that you stop gum disease from progressing as quickly as possible. We’re taking on new patients and treat family members of all ages.

Call Family Dentistry of Knoxville at (865) 383-1017 to talk about a gum disease assessment as well as treatment options.

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